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Focus on your business, not your technology!

Computers and their support infrastructure get more complex each day. CHC can help. We provide support and consultation for home and small business users in Central Texas. Don't spend hours on the phone with someone in India or the Philippines. Bring in the locals!

Big issue? No problem.
Quick question? No problem.

1 Computer? 10? 50? No problem.
Project? No problem.

CHC is a local IT firm supporting Central Texas since 2005

We offer:

  • Computer and Network Installation and configuration to get you up and running with a minimum amount of time and money
  • Customized Solutions utilizing Dell Hardware and Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Troubleshooting for
    • Connectivity Issues: Why can't I get online?
    • Mal-ware: What is this popup window?Why is spam being sent from my computer?This program says my computer is infected; what should I do?
    • Peripherals: Why can't I print?My computer isn't seeing my iPod/digital camera/memory chip...
  • Forensic Investigation, Recovery and Destruction to discover what other users have been doing, recover lost or deleted data, or completely erase media

Why should you call us instead of those large retailers? Two words:
Most work is done at a flat rate of $25 per hour.

We offer a service. We are not here to nickle and dime customers nor do we have the huge administrative overhead that comes with being entrenched.

Why should you be forced to pay between $60 and $150 to have a tech look at your machine and then pay $90 to $175 per hour on top of the initial to fix it? Let us do the work and if we can't solve it, you owe nothing! We also guarantee the work done for 3 months; if the same issue comes up again within that time, we will fix it on-site for free.
Chaos House Consulting, DBA
811 W St. John's Ave, #2332
Austin, Texas 78752